Holy Crap, I Broke American Express!

Drunk with empowerment and high on my husband’s encouraging words, I jumped headfirst into business details.  I need a name!  I need a logo!  I need a business email account! I need domain names!

Our cell phones started ringing off the hooks.  As you might suspect, American Express thought my credit card had been stolen.  In the midst of assuring our agent that I had, indeed, been responsible for the crazy transactions on our card, Amex’s system crashed.  Our agent said he would call me back once his computer rebooted.  Several hours went by with no phone call, and we were anxious to get on with our vacation.  I called Amex back only to be greeted by an automated message that American Express was currently experiencing technical difficulties and to call back later.  I hung up the phone and told my husband, “Holy Crap!  I think I broke American Express!”

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